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To create office furniture we recommend using aluminium accessories, such as hinges that offer a refined closing mechanism but also thanks to other accessories that allow for a fully personalised environment during use.

With the help of walls, you can also easily build your place of work.

Select a office layout, provide us with the area where you plan to fit the furniture, select the elements available in Garner Warf, pay with PayPal and receive the fully assembled furniture delivered by our courier.


View the Garner Wharf office range of furniture

Cabinet type SET with NY graphics
Opens using blum hinges
2 x shelves within each cabinet
Width  - 2400mm (5 cabinets x 480mm)
Height – 1050mm
Depth – 300mm

Office wall by Garner Wharf

Width – 400,600,800,1000,1200,2400 mm
Height – 1050mm
Wall thickness – 40mm
(20mm frame + 20mm wall)

Bottom office cabinets

Horizontal aluminium under handle zobal colour C-0
Drawers blum antaro white 500mm
Height including worktop – 400mm
Width – 600mm, 1200, 1800,2400 mm
Depth – 510mm

Office bookstand cabinets using 38mm board
Height – 1400mm
Width – 800mm
Depth – 510mm
Feet zobal model NR30x30 L-50mm


Tall Office cabinets
Blind zobal Box Milano
Vertical aluminium under handle zobal colour C-0
Opens using blum hinges
Height – 1400mm
Width  - 800mm
Depth – 510mm
Feet zobal model NR30x30 L-50mm


Desks made from MDF 38mm

Can only be ordered with bottom cabinets which provide the desks support
Bottom shelf double sided
Height- 720 mm
Width – 1800 or 2400mm
Depth – 1100mm

Detachable furniture for Garner Wharf walls
Produced with special mountings

Office cabinets
Opens using blum hinges
2x shelves within each cabinet
Width – 198,396,476mm
Height – 520, 1050 mm
Depth – 300mm
Rectangular and square models
Mechanically joined 45 degree elements
MDF thickness 20, 38, 56mm
Width – 230, 400mm
Width – 230, 500,1050mm
Depth – 200mm

Elements the complements of the zobal range

1.Aluminium hooks and small hooks on rails
2.Aluminium shelves
3.Glass shelves with aluminium fittings
4.Glass cups with aluminium fittings and cork covers
5.Shelves made from board with aluminium fittings
6.Paper roll towels
7.Wine rack


The Architect at Garner Wharf recommends

Select from readymade office layouts which you can edit

Change the colours, remove unwanted elements or swap them for other elements

Click on a picture and open the configurator for the layout and edit as needed


Colours for your office

Aluminium accessories

Horizontal slotted profiles within Garner Wharf walls – aluminium colour C-0
Elements that complement the Garner Wharf walls – colour aluminium C-0
Blinds – Box Milano zobal – aluminium colour C-0
Vertical handles mounted within the furniture – colour aluminium C-0
Aluminium pipes – aluminium colour C-0

The fronts are the same colour as the corpus and the inner shelves

Rectangles and squares
The colour is the same as inside and outside of the furniture
Mechanically joined 45 degrees elements



24 hour tracking of your delivery

Estimated time of delivery is 4 weeks

Direct contact with the courier a few days before delivery

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