We offer a selected range of furniture systems, intended for all types of interiors, which can constitute the Customer’s individual project.
List of products proposed by the Garner Wharf Architect
1. Glass kitchen furniture ( aluminum frame) or furniture boards varnished with acrylic.
2. Laminated graphics for glass.
3. Furniture modules for interior designing of empty spaces marked as rectangles or squares.
4. Shelving systems.
5. Wardrobe systems.
6. Bathrooms
7. Furniture arrangements using Zobal wall systems
8. Office furniture
9. Zobal aluminum shelving units

The furniture range is closely connected with the designing trends of the designers of three leading brands on the world market:
Zobal – aluminum systems enabling the current design for modern interiors.
Krono – furniture boards.
Blum – drawers, hinges, lift mechanisms.

If you have any questions or other design concepts, kindly phone or e-mail us.

Materials used
Garner Wharf offers a whole range of Zobal products – wall systems, shelving systems, LED panels, glass panels with graphics, aluminum-glass front panels, especially with graphic overprints and the latest Blum furniture fittings – drawers and lift mechanisms.
We ensure the Cpk > 1.33 quality coefficient of production to make certain that our Customers receive the highest quality furniture.